Politics and Binary Thinking

Yesterday Facebook did something stupid.  No that isn’t the rant, although there is a veritable unending supply of stupid from Facebook.  And, to be honest it wasn’t Facebooks fault.  

Allow me to start at the beginning.  As you all know, Facebook allows advertising, it pollutes and dilutes our social media streams daily. We do have the ability to edit, or manage as Facebook laughingly calls the “kill this now” x.  And I use my ability to delete ads frequently, very very frequently.  I kill more beauty ads, firm your body part ads, sports ads, and food ads than I can count daily. But, I do make one category inviolate, no matter how much I might be annoyed by them, political ads. 

Why you might ask would I keep the very dross of all the ads on Facebook?  Good question.  I do it so that I can see what the politicians are trying to feed to the masses. What version of tripe is the current scandal du’ jour. At times it is painful, torturous reading. And at times, it just pisses me off no end.

Guess which one I saw yesterday?

I have an add on my feed from Secure America Now: which reads:

Does your senator stand with Iran or America? See where he or she stands on the Iran Deal

This is a brilliant example of the binary thinking that is destroying America. Yes, I said destroying. And yes, I mean destroying.

Allow me a small rant in response.


The efforts to disarm and prevent middle eastern nations from gaining nuclear weapons is decades old. The Iran proposal that is on the table is a continuation of that policy. A policy that has remained consistent across both Democratic and Republican administrations since the 1950s.

Foreign policy, most of life, is not a binary decision. Pretending that any negotiation between nations can be summed up as us=good, them=bad is preposterous. And it is the type of infantile no more sophisticated than a 3-year-old thinking that your oppressors rely on.

THINK. Learn to think.    

Now there is a lot more that needs to be said, and people are saying it, about the dumbing down of America.  The more I look, the more I see and I wonder where this love of ignorance, this blind hatred of education, any education, comes from.  It’s worth investigating.  It’s worth exposing. And, it’s worth cutting out like the poisonous cancer it is.

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