Diversity, it is the American way

There are days when I despair.  There are things on the internet that make me want to walk away.  Put it down, and walk away. Because the only way to stay sane against the tide of hate is to head for shore before it pulls you down.

Jim Wright over at Stonekettle Station brought one of these little chestnuts to light on FaceBook.  Apparently Patrice Lewis of WND believes that the only solution to the problems facing America is to “divvy up our land mass into 2 nations.”  Her piece is titled “WOULD A COUP MAKE THINGS BETTER?” Her caps, not mine.

I’m looking for the satire. Really. “This has to be a joke” is the only thing that keeps scrolling across my mind. The paranoia that runs through this palaver is almost viscous.  As I’m scrolling down to read I have to keep wiping off the insanity that is oozing through the computer screen. (Note: I am wearing proper PPE)

I cannot believe that people actually think this way. How can people be so insane?  Hey, I know insanity and delusions. I have my medication and everything. However, unlike this author I work to stay sane. This person is working very hard to appear unhinged. Usually, you try to hide, or at least curb, the crazy in public spaces.

And I sit, having read through it and I am just amazed. How does someone, anyone, choose to believe such contorted thinking? How does someone accept the idea that the government really cares about what you had for breakfast, or how many times you eat junk? The author even hints that giant surveillance nets to rival those of the Soviet Union under Stalin are at work.  And I’m not going to touch that idea because it would cause a massive tangent.  Moving on.

Then the idea of a coup as a ‘cleansing’ event is raised. True, it is dismissed pretty quickly, but still.  The only reason it is dismissed is because the end result can’t be guaranteed.  And that is what this whole divide and expel exercise is about, control. Ms. Lewis notes that we don’t have any wide open spaces for the disaffected to move to any more, “but we can divvy up our land mass into two nations ā€“ one progressive, one conservative ā€“ where the ideals and agendas of each can be instigated to the satisfaction of two extremely diverse populations.”

Diverse populations, that is what America is all about. And being tolerant of that diversity is what America is all about.

This is where I tripped over the truth. It dawned on my “Why?” some folks want to have a ‘conservative’ nation and get all those ‘progressives’ out of the way. Think about it and you’ll see it’s a likely solution.  (You’ll notice I do try to stay away from absolutes, in general.)

And I’m probably going to irritate or anger some folks.

It’s fear. And it is a pervasive and ugly thing.
   It’s fear of being insignificant that makes someone believe that the government is watching.
   It’s fear of being ‘less than’ someone else, that makes people hold onto symbols that are past due.
   It’s fear of being ‘powerless’ that makes people unable to even be able to talk about gun control.
   It’s fear of being ‘wrong’ that makes people cling to a formula that is perceived ‘safe’.
   It’s fear of being changed that makes people cling to the past.

Fear is why some conservatives back Trump.  A loud windbag unashamed to say the racist, hateful things that people would fear to say out loud. They wouldn’t want to risk their place by the water cooler, but they agree with Trump in their hearts.

So, in the world that Ms. Lewis puts forth there would be one state “conceived in libertyand dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal,” and …  the other one.  But, she has missed the point, slightly.  There would be one nation where all men were created equal, and there would be one nation where all people were created equal. And the latter is the state that would find liberty and freedom.  The state where the people were unafraid to embrace their differences.

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