Creeping out onto the springy branch

close up shot of a brown squirrel on a tree branch

I’ve been writing, just not here.  My good, or bad, as you like it.

I have had one piece published over at ,  I Cut *.

It is a very personal piece, and won’t be for everyone. I know that.  But, it needed to be said.  I don’t know where it will lead, if anywhere.

I have done my part and now I give it up to the void, and see if anything will return to me out of it. It is out of my hands.  And there is a type of peace in that.  It’s like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the sea.  Who knows where it will land, or if, it might come back to me.

Egads.  Poetry alert.  (Granted, after the fact.)

I am, I was so far from my zone of comfort when I first saw that article on the web.  But, now, I’ve  let it go.  I’m hoping it does some benefit for someone.  It certainly is a topic that needs to be dragged into the sunlight more frequently.

I owe my thanks to the ladies at *. They provided a safe place to unpack some very dark baggage.  Thank you.

And a thanks to the readers, and the folks who left comments. Your reception, helped me let go.  Thank you.   And thank you to everyone who passed it on.  Thank you.  Maybe we can help someone else.

I think, I’ll keep today brief.  I have a story that needs writing. And so, I shall go sharpen my pen.

*The site is now defunct update on 1/1/2018

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