January 2020: An update

The Thinking Read

Hey folks.

Looks like 2020 is rolling. That’s good. The “holiday season” is over, things are returning to normal.

The season of string is upon us. I’ll spend endless dark winter nights looking at Phiala’s String Page, and far too many YouTube videos by Bernadett Banner and Angela Clayton. (Ayup, just lost a half hour looking at a 1940s coat construction video.)

Dreams of sugar plums will be replaced by dreams of double-ply alpaca fingering weight wool and kilt-making.

While the days are crystal clear and brutally cold I will spend time writing, querying, and hopefully rounding this mess of a website into something new – or at least up-to-date. I’ll be satisfied with that.

And, I’ll be keeping folks informed of my path of recovery from #cptsd. So, stay tuned for more on the mental health cha-cha. 

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