CPTSD: Hope on the horizon?

#Cptsd folks and #PTSD folks here is a bit of news that hubs passed to me. It is from Texas A&M and was found in Discover magazine for May 2020.

The website is http://Fearlessfront.com

Is there a new therapy, perhaps a cure coming?

I’m going to type out the whole announcement so this might be long. Hang in there. Also, this is announced as for #PTSD and not #CPTSD. So… it might not work for us, but still, if it works – I can’t envision the horizons it might open.

Start quote:

Welcome to the new frontier of prosthetics.

Across the globe, millions of people suffer from the debilitating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Research by Dr. Stephen Maren in the Emotion and Memory Systems Laboratory
@TAMU is bringing them new hope.

Dr. Maren and his team are researching implantable “neural prosthetics” that would monitor activity in the specific area of the amygdala responsible for generating fear. Using optogenetic technology, these devices could suppress fear responses within milliseconds, essentially stopping PTSD relapses before they take hold.

Through this groundbreaking research, Dr. Maren and Texas A&M are striving to normalize brain activity in PTSD patients -and bring some normalcy back into their lives.

Innovation on every front.”

End quote.

This is a long way from being a cure NOW, but go check out their website for more information.


I hope someone in our community can benefit from this research.

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