The Image that Sparks a Rethinking of Symbols

It’s interesting. I’ve seen many reactions to this image.

What I am hearing is at odds with what I think the intended message of the piece is.

Folks I have seen react to this are all focusing on the body given to the DT figure. I admit the thing I see that disturbs me the most is the child that the figure is holding. It is in such distress. Blindfolded, squirming to get away from the poison it is being fed.

I understand why friends and folks I know would take issue with the depiction of the female form in this very negative light.

I think the artist has diluted or subverted the impact of the point he was trying to make by the choice of his portrayal. Instead of sparking one conversation on the abuses of DT administration on this nation, he has elicited – a defense of the body shape and a conversation on body shaming.

I think he was trying for political commentary, but without thought, he stumbled into social commentary.

So, question – Do you think the artist was aware of the current social potential for response? Or was he (I’m assuming a male here) was just tone-deaf and working from a place of privilege?

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