The Post at the Top

Thank you

I’ve decided to tackle this post early in order to think through how to handle things before they arise. There are some rules – basic stuff.

  1. I hope this blog is a place for me to experiment, a place to discuss and think and explore. 
  2. I want this blog to be a safe place, for many people.   I won’t say all people, because I do reserve the right to ban / block / bar / bounce anyone I feel is being abusive just for the sheer delight of causing distress.  Basically, keep commenting civil and do not abuse others.   Kindergarten stuff really, but better stated early.
  3. Debate is ok.  Controversy and discussion are imperatives to society being a vital and living thing.  But, there is no excuse for a debate to become personal, insulting or threatening.  If you can’t debate as a civilized thinking human…
  4. If I write something you think has merit, or that you wish to share… please do, but remember, especially on essays, fiction, poetry (gods will I really go THERE ), or other items, to attach the attribution “by MStewart @ ThinkingTooLoud” with a link back to the relevant piece.
  5. Lifting things with no attribution is plagiarism.    It’ll make me cranky.
  6. If I find something, I will do my very level best to include an attribution.  Even if it is just an admission that it is not my work, and a plea for the originator to let me know who the clever person was who came up with it.
  7. I’m going to try to keep comments open on all, okay – most of my posts.   Comments do not need to be ‘nice’ but they do and must be civil.
  8. Remember, if you really hate something I have written … there is a ‘back’ button and I suggest you use it. 

A note on Trigger Warnings –

Don’t expect them.   I do believe that they have their place, but if I am writing fiction or an essay there won’t be one.   If there is a discussion, that is about a  particular topic I may preface the question or rumination with a line or two about what follows.   Read at your own risk. 

The Bottom Line…

This is my space. If you want to be horrid or horrified – go do that in your own space. Yes, the comments are off on this post.   What?   It’s housekeeping, move along.