It’s time to see how accurate I was

Book with glasses and magnifying glass

As many of you may know I wrote a series of quasi-essays in late 2016 because I was quite out of my mind with fright. One of the things I do to calm my mind when it is in that state of manic speeding thoughts is an exercise adapted from mind-mapping.

Since then we have all managed our ways through this administration and the surrounding circus. I have spoken with die hard Sanders supporters, moderates of every stripe, people who regret their 2016 vote and those who still ardently support this regime. Enlightening is a good word for some of those converations.

But, today’s word is evaluation.

It is time to turn the clock back four years and revisit those frantic captured thoughts. It is time to ask – What was right? What was wrong? What was the surprise? Perhaps most importantly we need to ask, What have we learned?

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