Christmas Consumerism – Be Gone!

Gift with bow grayscale

It’s November. 2020.

Covid. Trump. Systemic racism. Out-right racism. Police brutality.
Did I mention pandemic?

You know, I’m already tired. I was seeing Christmas candy in the grocery store before Halloween. Before. It was like the entire world said – Hey if we can’t go door to door begging candy and tooth rot let’s just fast forward to the most family intense holiday in the US. (You too UK.)

I understand the longing for family. The intense longing for normalcy is afflicting everyone. But, I’ll admit I don’t want to see all the buy, buy, buy ads that come out at Christmas (or midwinter holiday of your choice). Seriously – if anyone is getting a BWM in their driveway with a big red bow I’m going to have to wonder what planet they are living on. Must be nice all that non-this-totally-sucks-reality.

The pressure to buy at this time of every year is insidious, pernicious and permeating. Not to mention ubiquitous. Usually I tune out Christmas until Dec. 20, at least, just to preserve my sanity. But, I just got hit with my first “buy this” ad for the holidays and I’m too tired to even be annoyed. For the record it’s November, 13.

I can’t describe how unwelcome this message is this year. Buy. BUy. BUY! Shouting at us from every corner and screen. Please, just this once. Stop.

If ever there was a need for a season about the renewal of hope this is the year. Families are looking at foreclosure, homelessness, hunger and death. Added to all that is the reality of an invisible something ‘out there’ that kills.

Just among my friends there is a lot of pain. Some are telling me that mortgage payments are becoming a serious concern. Credit cards are maxed. Health insurance is vanishing. Some of them are living in deathly fear of becoming sick, and not just with COVID. They have no savings and no insurance. Their ability to remain financially afloat depends on their future good health. I have friends that are looking at the continued closure of the industry that they work in until June or September of 2021.

People are hurting. To me the added expectation of the rampant consumerism of the holiday season is just adding salt to a wound. So, please, this year, can we just wish each other peace and good health.

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