Yes, I’m Afraid of Twitter

Twitter scares the ever loving bejeezzus out of me.  I can’t think of a better TED talk than this one to demonstrate why that is so.

When Online Shaming Spirals Out of Control.

Yet, writers seem almost compelled to put up a social media presence.  From my admittedly very early days in this pool, it seems like it is impossible to get a writing job, or published in any forum unless you have that on-line presence.  For someone who is, well, me… that’s just a terrifying concept.  Not because I’m a terrible person, but just because I am a person.  I say stupid things.

Within me there is an almost equal mixture of sage and silly and “oh, my goodness. Please tell me that wasn’t the outside voice.”

Seriously, the idea that I could somehow, through error or bad timing or just who-knows-what, be the focus of millions of peoples hate is terrifying.  Some of those people, they just lurk out there and wait for people to screw up.  They are like the crocodiles at the bottom of the cliff.  Bad enough you should fall off a cliff, hit the rocks below, then drown in the river, but now you have crocodiles tearing you literally to pieces.

It seriously makes me think that I shouldn’t even touch the Twitterverse.

How much do I want my goal?

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