Touching base

Amphitheater seat

Well, January 2021 certainly led off with a bang. I still see things on the horizon of concern. I’m trying very hard NOT to focus on those.

Instead, I am head-down in editing my second novel while waiting somewhat patiently for my first novel to have a pre-order date. I’m also trying to remind myself that even though things seem overwhelming at the moment there is the slow, steady process of just taking one breath after another.

One thing I did learn from CPTSD is that some days just getting to the end of the day was enough. Those days, sometimes, are the hardest. Remember, it can be done.

There are some behind the scenes ‘shenanigans’ going on which I am not yet in a position to relate. I hope it will be a funny story with a good ending – but, until then, everyone buckle up.

With any luck, I will be able to write next week about a very boring and uneventful Inauguration. Let’s keep hoping for that.

Peace, ya’ll.

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