In the Trenches: Little Strokes

Waiting has never been my strong suit. It’s part of that whole, where do I stand thing. Today was all about working towards a goal. The goal, trying to knock book two into some type of shape for the hopefully eventual attempt to publish it. On to chapter four today, and a long way yet to go.

I used to hate, well dread editing is more accurate. And there was that time I realized just how badly I needed to learn my craft.

The Beginning Writer: ah humility

Between then and now, I have made progress in learning all the ins and out of the English language. Commas are still the bane of my existence, but at least I am learning the rudimentary etiquette surrounding them. Still have a long way to go on that front.

I could wish I was already at the end of the editing journey, but I’m learning to like the process.

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