In the Trenches: Friendly Questions

Well, bother.

I had been working up to ‘excited’ status over some non-news. Turns out what I thought was a positive silence was a negative silence. So, I guess the Silent Rejection count increases by +1.

Disappointing as that is, it did help me make a decision.

No more waiting. I’m not going to passively accept silent rejections. I can’t, it’s not a good thing for my mental health. I need that ‘no’ to help me process the situation and move on. Without it, I find myself caught in some very ugly ‘not enough’ types of thinking. Thank you CPTSD.

So, what did I do today? I did something I hate doing.

I nudged. And, while I suspect all those friendly questions might come back, if they come back at all, with ‘no’, at least, I will have closure. Which, in turn, will allow me to keep moving ahead.

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