In the Trenches: HOLD ON!

Well, darn.

Actually, the language going through my head is a good deal more colorful. But in the interest of not polluting my website with my ability to swear like a sailor I will settle on — darn.

It’s always a bit of a bummer (again, softselling this point) when you receive a rejection. Especially if that rejection is from someone you thought your work matched very well their stated criteria of ‘looking for’. (<– Now that’s a convoluted sentence.)

In the first few moments of learning of a rejection there is certainly a bit of ‘stang’ on that message. Woulda liked it if the email was a bit more personalized, well – personalized at all. Once you have heard a few rejections you start to wonder what’s gone sideways.

Gimme a clue people!

At least, there was a no and not just the unending silence which seems to be a popular way of responding to someone you don’t want to …


Is the practice of silent rejections in fact ‘ghosting’ someone?

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