In the Trenches: Flow

Liquid pouring and missing

Next! By now you all know exactly what that means. Yeup, woke up to another rejection. Bother. That means today is about finding another agent to query.

I will also be editing Book 2. I’m having some major hangups on part of Capter 6.

I find myself retreading ground with this scene. There just wasn’t any flow to connect the beginning of the scene to the end of the scene. There was a disconnect between the front end of the beastie and the rear. The scene kept falling short and then falling apart before I could make a graceful transition to the landing.

As a result I spent a great deal of time, and ink, trying to tease out the common thread that would draw the two halves together. After much finageling and a fair bit of colorful language I think I have put my finger on the theme that can help the first half and the second half of the scene coexist.

I’ll admit, I’m feeling rather clever with the solution. Now all I have to go do is write the thing.

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