In the Trenches: MSWL Crisis

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Guess what I stumbled across? Manuscript Wish List Day! <blink>
They have those?
Apparently the answer is, yes.
As many might know, I have stepped away from Twitter. I do maintain a presence over there, mainly to tell people where to find me. Much as I miss the interaction with the bulk of the writing community, I couldn’t stay after the current owner’s toxicity started to directly impact the mental health community. Anyway, I sometimes pop in to help redirect folks to my current spaces online. When I peeked the other day- I ran head first into MSWL day and knee-deep into a crisis of conscience.
I chose to watch the #MSWL hashtag that day and noted agents who might prove a good match to my current work. I wasn’t happy with the decision though. It felt like chipping away at my resolve to not support Twitter. I’m still not resolved about how I will face possible similar scenarios in the future. I know what I would like to do-draw a hard uncrossable line-but when so much writing community activity happens on Twitter is that resonable?
Is the cost of maintaining your principles the destruction of your ambition?

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    • I found something interesting and helpful in the upcoming features of the MSWL website. They are going to have a diaspora list, for lack of a better way to describe it. A way to find agents, not only on Twitter, but also across the now fractured social media landscape. Plans are to release the new MSWL site – with all the bells and whistles behind the facelift in early March. (March 1, I think.)

      • I’ve seen that! Plan to use it for my next round of queries.

        Mea culpa, BTW – just saw there’s a lengthy list of responses to comments I’ve left on various WP blogs since I’ve started using Reader…didn’t know that was a thing! Sheesh… 😉

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