In the Trenches: Strategy

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There is, as some readers may know, another side to this site. Over there I talk mental health and Complex PTSD. I try to not let the two sides mix over-much but on occasion there is a good comparison to be drawn between the two sides. Today I’m looking at one of those instances. 

For many years I have made images to help explain CPTSD, to  inspire folks who are taking the steps to recovery, and to educate the population in general about what it is like to live in a world unlike what 90% of people call reality. 

Challenging is a good word to describe the way we navigate even the smallest details, at times. I’m going to prevent myself from diverging into one of my ‘what it’s like’ essays and simply say – challenging. Ok, and exhausting. And recovery isn’t a bed of roses either, but that’s for another day. 

The point, which I am laboring to get around to, is this, in recovery from CPTSD and in querying there is one rule which applies in both instances. 

Work when you can.
Rest when you must. 

It is unrealistic and detrimental to the overall process to wear yourself away in the pursuit of your goal. Stepping back to collect yourself and to renew your resources is not quitting and it is not failure. It is a strategy. Furthermore, it is a good strategy for the long haul.

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