In the Trenches: Scratch That

Snake close up in the grass - grayscale

Well I was all dolled up and ready to go, and then Query Manager went all toes up. Well, now my day has a healthy dollop of thwart in the middle of it. Bother.
I guess that means I put off the thing I have been waiting for, for months, a little while longer. Meh. I’ll live.
Other than that there is the annual snake roundup going on over here. Yeup, you heard me right.
Snake roundup.
About this time of year, as we are heading out of the season of mud, we arrive squarely in the season of snakes. This season of the year is marked by our smallest cat proving that she is the fiercest feline in the house. On average, at the height of snake season, I can reliably plan on capturing and relocating three snakes. So far, our little feline has not presented me with anything poisonous. I’m just waiting for the day.
So, I suspect I’m spending the day hitting ‘refresh’ and making sure the snake population in the house remains at zero.

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