In the Trenches: Research

Books forming a tunnel

If I fail, it won’t be because I didn’t try everything.

The research is on going.
And, yes, it seems never-ending. The important part there is the ‘seems’.
I’m sitting here giving myself something of a pep talk because I’ve hit one of
those places in querying where the process seems not only endless, but
pointless. All the insecurities have slipped their tethers today.

Therefore, it is time to remind myself that failure is possible but so is
success. And to trot out another truism, you can’t win if you don’t

Being me, I don’t daydream about success. I plan for failure. I go through
every scenario and try to find the way to mitigate the problem or the fallout.
For example, I’m not putting all my daily effort into only querying.

I’ve broken my days into segments and querying only gets the morning. The
afternoon is for writing and for revising. And by evening, I find myself
organizing. So tomorrow, I can dive into work without losing momentum.

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    • It’s been a few weeks now and the divisions of labor are holding up pretty well. Not perfect by any means, but well enough. So, I’m happy about that.

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