In the Trenches: Generality

grayscale photography of pencil on top of book

Not a long entry today, a bit of bookkeeping.

The last few days here have seen progress on several fronts, but none of it really exciting. These are building and set-up days. Days dedicated to strategy, preparation and maintenance.

The editing on Book 2 is coming along. I spent yesterday AM gathering together all the scattered files associated with two other novels I have in the works. I’ll be moving out of the gross edits on book 2, hopefully late March / early April. Then it will be more of the polishing and note taking before calling it ready to go. There is plenty to write, three novels to pick from. All a different flavor, so there is always a project that appeals when I sit down to write.

One interesting note is the question of the snake count today. We are expecting highs over 65 today and that means our tiny feline will be outside snake wrangling.

A friend kindly pointed out that the species of garter snake I was seeing never did get much bigger around than I was seeing. Phew. Good. But, they could get over 3 feet in length.

Seriously? That happens and I quit.

Shudder. Back to something less icky, like querying.

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