In the Trenches: The Editing Foxhole #1

rewrite edit text on a typewriter

Well, there it is.
Book 2. In all it’s “Oh, man that is a monster glory.” Ok. It is time to get organized about the turning of this sow’s ear into a silk purse.

I did a little documenting of the editing process on Book 1 while I was in the midst of the rewrite. This time, at least, I have a place to start.

The process this time around is hopefully going to be a bit more organized. I’m hoping to refine a system that will take me through project after project. So, what is first?

Of course, finding all the bits and pieces I made last time around. After that I’ll turn to locating all those places in the manuscript that need to be expanded or reworked. I have a sinking feeling the number of scenes and items on that list is going to be disheartening. To say the least.

So, deep breath and onward, one tiny step at a time.

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