In the Trenches: A Bitter Sting of Rejection Hurts

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Some days rejection hurts. Being told no just plain old up and hurts. No other way to explain it.

Why this one I wonder. I suspect it is because it was one of those hard researched carefully scrutinized choices that I really developed a ‘good feeling about’.

You know the ones I’m talking about. The agent who’s manuscript wish list reads like a point by point description of your novel. And you think,

Well, dang, I’ve got just what they’re looking for.

Actually, that is I am no unicorn and I know it.

You pretty up your query letter, getting it all dressed up for a big important meeting. And you’re confident as you send your work out into the world. You’re not expecting a proposal right off the bat. You can be reasonable, after all, you’re no unicorn and you know it. Actually, that is I am no unicorn and I know it.

But moving on.

Draggin’ my disappointment with me.

But you can’t stay disappointed forever. Work has to happen and queries won’t send themselves out. (Much as I might wish they would.) There is still a long list of agents to approach, and I’m trying to find more every week. While I am waiting I am working.

There’s this lovely blog, of course.
There’s editing book 2 – and I might actually be making some progress on that front. Finally. I’ve written the chapter summaries through Chapter 27 of 30. Not far to go now.

I really should talk about my editing process… again.
Here let me link to this The Easy Ultimate Editing Checklist— phase 1. I’ll be revisiting this shortly and seeing if the process I hammered out for book 1 is repeatable.

Until then, NEXT!

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