In the Trenches: the Latest in the Unending Battle

Question mark in paper crafts

Working my way through the unending battle of agent research. Always more to do. Cause you know, those people don’t stay put. <that’s a joke folks>

Is there anything more painful than researching agents?
YES! Planning family vacations.

Agonizing over the details for 11-13 people is something I am not very good at. No surprise. My family — well, lets just move on. These days there isn’t anyone on my side to go vacation with. Unless I want to go ‘aprogress through cemeteries of the South. Which seems to be not the best entertainment for July 4th weekend.

Research, ah research. There are an almost infinite, well-it seems infinite, line of rabbit-holes to vanish down: agencies, agents, professional associations, hints and rumors on the wind.

You get far enough into this research gig and you’ll follow vapor trails.
*Le sigh.

And on that note, back to the grind. Exeunt, Query Tracker

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