In the Trenches: Latest Editing Update

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I’m working my way through Chapter 12. That’s the good news.

I have 18 chapters to work my way through. That’s the disheartening bit.

I might have to go back over Chapters 1-11. That’s the crushing reality.

But, the really crushing thing, other than being so poor I can’t afford my own Ramen without selling off more of my library, is that I found out how much a developmental edit could cost.

Yeah, that’s a problem.

Do I need a developmental edit? Good question. And, of course, you don’t know until you see what a developmental edit can do for you. Is this the thing that will help my work catch a agent and then a publisher’s eye?

And, the kicker is this, unless you get to be one of the really top writers, being paid real money, then the question that haunts the back of your head is — will the investment in editors, and programs, and writing coaches ever pay off?

And a thought that hits even harder is– I have immense privilege. I know it. And, I’m whining. I can’t imagine the drive it takes for those who must work against the tilt of the board.

I could sit here and devolve into a huge rant about how unfair things are in today’s society. For women. For people of color. For LGBTQ+ folks. For basically anyone who needs medical care. For those who need mental health care or support. For the elderly on fixed incomes.

The bottom line in America is that if you don’t have $$$ you’re screwed. And if you do have $$$ you’re untouchable. A system like that, can’t be sustained indefinitely. And before I fall into politics here’s this from 2014:

Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming

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