The Goblin Emperor: Is the Hero too Honest?

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The Goblin Emperor by Kathleen Addison

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

It’s not quite fluff.
I wouldn’t say it had a full set of teeth either.

I wanted something more. I think what I missed was some sense of compelling emotion. In essence the story is of a nice guy with a rotten father who gets shipped off to a gulag for 10 years with a sadist and comes back–still a nice guy.

It isn’t impossible, but this is a good time for the reader to remember this is not only fiction, but fantasy.

So, our protagonist— Maia— suddenly finds himself emperor when an accident eliminates the current fae conglomeration emperor and all the nearest heirs, leaving the crown to fall to the uneducated country cousin.

In addition to racism, cruelty, and plots a’plenty our young protagonist sails through with his integrity intact handling problems with—I want to say ease — but certainly less conflict inner and outer than I would expect.

Second reminder to self—this is fantasy.

Overall, a quick read and palatable, but I find myself left craving something a bit more substantial.

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