In the Trenches: Editors, agents and trolls, oh my!

Hand reaching out of water


How the **** did that happen?

Oh, yeah, family vacation. And, then just family. Oi.

Ok, after an embarrassingly long absence, I’m back. The list of items that needs to be dealt with is staggering. And it also has me freaked out.

There is a book that needs to be edited and then handed off to the editor. There is a web site to revitalize. There are book reviews to be written and posted. I need to go find new and better comps for my novel. The query letter, oh the query letter is giving me nightmares. On top of that is all the actual querying., which has taken a back seat for the last month. I’m not going to sell a book if I don’t show it to anyone.

I have a new mantra so say it along with me.

Editors and agents and trolls, oh my.

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