Out of Left Field: It Really Isn’t a Surprise

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I told myself, “Self, no political essays. Not one until you have your novel off to the editor.” “No, put the pencil down.” “I mean it.” And various other bribes and threats. All in vain in the wake of this headline


From Newsweek: Russian General Admits Ukraine Just a 'Stepping Stone' to Invade Europe
From Newsweek: Russian General Admits Ukraine Just a ‘Stepping Stone’ to Invade Europe

From the article:

“I think there’s still plenty of time to spend. It is pointless to talk about a specified period. If we are talking about Eastern Europe, which we will have to, of course then it will be longer,” the general said.

“Ukraine is only a stepping stone?” the interviewer then asked.

“Yes, absolutely. It is only the beginning,” Mordvichev responded, who went on to say that the war “will not stop here.”

Newsweek: BY JASON LEMON ON 9/9/23 AT 12:25 PM EDT

When the conflict started in 02/2022 I was one of those voices saying “Putin won’t stop with the Ukraine.” Specifically I called the incursion a litmus test to see how or even if NATO would respond.

But notice one thing… Mordvichev didn’t say which direction. Keep that in mind.

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