Author: M Stewart

  • “Did the rabbit die?”

    “Did the rabbit die?”

    Greetings from the querying trench. Pull up a box, it’s time to see how things are going. In short. They aren’t. Piffle. So, it’s time to disassemble this beastie and see what’s amissin’. The Totals as of November 24, 2022, leaving out the poetry, also not consigning the one possible silent rejection entirely to the […]

  • A 1-Star Rating

    A 1-Star Rating

    I’m talking trauma today. But, not the usual mental flavor, no today is gonna get real. Real, real. Think about a place where you really don’t want to see a one-star rating. Ting! You guessed it. A hospital. I discovered, after my little adventure, that our local hospital has a one-star rating. And, wow, deservedly […]

  • A Sharp Left

    A Sharp Left

    Never accuse me of going in a straight line. I swear I think it is impossible for me to have one thread going in my life on any front. For example, I’m querying a novel. I’m finishing the last, last, last, oh please let them be the last edits, I’ve written a spiffy new database, […]

  • Silent Rejection

    Silent Rejection

    An interesting exchange happened over on Twitter. As you might guess I do follow several professionals, educators, and folks with Complex Trauma. What you may not see, is the way that writing and Complex Trauma are interwoven. There’s that easy to distinguish top layer. How I use writing, have always used writing, as a way […]

  • Clinical Utility of CPTSD

    Clinical Utility of CPTSD

    An encounter with a troll drove me back to looking at the research. So I guess I owe the troll a “Thank you.”

  • Too Good to be True?

    Too Good to be True?

    This morning started over at the Writer Beware Blog where I saw this post: America’s Next Great Author: The Author Reality Show Idea Rides Again. If you saw the advertising for the show, or even if you didn’t, give the blog post a read. I found the break-down of the contract helpful. The deadline for […]

  • Commercial enough?

    Commercial enough?

    I’ve been struggling a bit recently. The concerns involve my novel and a line I heard in a video by Alexa Donne. The line was in Alexa’s video on the querying process she uses. As she is talking about what to do if your ‘test queries’ don’t return any positive responses, she mentions the solutions of […]

  • Mind the gap

    Mind the gap

    Over on Twitter the other day, @RealHeatherOB asked an interesting question “What can self-published and Indie authors do to close the quality gap between trad and self-publishing?” And I dashed off a quick answer – but the topic deserves more than 280 characters. Some very interesting answers were put forward. There was, of course, the […]

  • In Crisis or just Tuesday?

    In Crisis or just Tuesday?

    I’m going to talk about suicide and other hard and ugly things. If this isn’t for you, please, move along. Comments will be monitored. I have spent a great deal of time recently in doctor’s offices. Nothing particularly new or alarming, just more fallout from my round with breast cancer. That is a story for […]

  • Wabbit hunting

    Wabbit hunting

    Someone, forgive me, I did not remember where I saw the question, asked me what I was talking about when I said ‘test queries’. Fair question. I found the idea in a video by Alexa Donne. She has a YouTube channel ( and has a huge collection of videos that range from the fun to […]