Complete Book Reviews for 2021

Book Reviews

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Book Reviews

Reading is a perk, and a necessity, for being a writer. As a consequence I read a good deal on a pretty wide range of topics. So here is my collection of reviews for those books I have managed to get my hands on. Enjoy.

Nota Bene – I am also a reviewer for Book Sirens, so if you like what you see, ping me.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews – a word

Can we talk? I’ve been sitting on this story for a bit, but an interesting conversation on Twitter has made me think – ‘It’s time … Continue reading Book Reviews – a word


The Power of the Eight

The Power of the Eight by Suzanne Rho is one of those books that improves after the fact. If that sounds like I am damning … Continue reading The Power of the Eight

Cover The Things We Keep

The Things We Keep

The Things We Keep, the premier novel of Ms. Julee Balko, is a story about grief, both that which we let go and that which … Continue reading The Things We Keep

Cover for Intense Transformation

Intense Transformation

This little book is rather like a HIIT workout itself. Short, intense, sometimes a challenge, but in the end, it is worth the work. For … Continue reading Intense Transformation

Ta Le – Book 1: Knowledge

I picked up the novel of Yessoh G.D. entitled “Ta Le” because I wanted to experience a culture that was not my own. I find … Continue reading Ta Le – Book 1: Knowledge

Cover for Dark Apprentice

Dark Apprentice

Wow, I really dislike Nikolai Fedorov. I know this guy. He is the guy who smirks when they think you can’t see. He is the … Continue reading Dark Apprentice

Cover for Steady


Steady: A Guide to Better Mental Health Through and Beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic by Dr. Sarb Johal is one of those books I wish everyone … Continue reading Steady

Cover for Oathbreaker


If I was still giving my one line book reviews I would say Oathbreaker, the premier novel by author A.J. Rettger, was “Brain Popcorn.” I … Continue reading Oathbreaker


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