Complete Book Reviews for 2021

Book Reviews

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Book Reviews

Reading is a perk, and a necessity, for being a writer. As a consequence I read a good deal on a pretty wide range of topics. So here is my collection of reviews for those books I have managed to get my hands on. Enjoy.

Nota Bene – I am also a reviewer for Book Sirens, so if you like what you see, ping me.

Book reviews Cover The Things We Keep by Balko

The Things We Keep

The Things We Keep, the premier novel of Ms. Julee Balko, is a story about grief, both that which we let go and that which … Continue reading The Things We Keep

Cover of Intense Transformation by Matthews

Intense Transformation

This little book is rather like a HIIT workout itself. Short, intense, sometimes a challenge, but in the end, it is worth the work. For … Continue reading Intense Transformation

Cover of Ta Le by Yessoh

Ta Le – Book 1: Knowledge

I picked up the novel of Yessoh G.D. entitled “Ta Le” because I wanted to experience a culture that was not my own. I find … Continue reading Ta Le – Book 1: Knowledge

Book Review Cover of Dark Apprentice by Val Neil

Dark Apprentice

Wow, I really dislike Nikolai Fedorov. I know this guy. He is the guy who smirks when they think you can’t see. He is the … Continue reading Dark Apprentice

Book Review Cover of Steady: Keeping Calm in a World Gone Viral by Johal


Steady: A Guide to Better Mental Health Through and Beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic by Dr. Sarb Johal is one of those books I wish everyone … Continue reading Steady

Book Review Cover of Oathbreaker by Rettger


If I was still giving my one line book reviews I would say Oathbreaker, the premier novel by author A.J. Rettger, was “Brain Popcorn.” I … Continue reading Oathbreaker

Book Review Cover of Ground Control

Ground Control

I could not have been more wrong. While the plot does follow the basic tenets of Sci-fi and space colonization it is far more a story about inner space than outer space. 

Book Review Cover of Wild Things Will Roam by K.M. West

Wild Things Will Roam

Wild Things Will Roam, the debut novel by K.M. West, is a post-apocalyptic gore fest with a soul. The surprises don’t stop there.

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