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  • Further study on CPTSD and BPD – Part 2

    Further study on CPTSD and BPD – Part 2

    Continuing the dissection of this massive study which was featured in Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation Vol. 8 Part two of the study conducted by Julian D. Ford & Christine A. Courtois focuses on the Clinical phenomenology of BPD, PTSD, and cPTSD. This section of the article is data dense. Its focus is on the prevalence…

  • Further study on CPTSD and BPD – Part 1

    Further study on CPTSD and BPD – Part 1

    A massive article broken down into seven major areas of study. Part 1: the prevalence and comorbidity of BPD, PTSD, and CPTSD.

  • Clinical Utility of CPTSD

    Clinical Utility of CPTSD

    An encounter with a troll drove me back to looking at the research. So I guess I owe the troll a “Thank you.”

  • Exploring Complex PTSD and Psychosis

    Exploring Complex PTSD and Psychosis

    Interesting stuff coming out of the UK about Complex PTSD. The North West United Kingdom mental health services conducted a unique study looking into the relationship of trauma, particularly complex trauma, with psychosis. They published their findings in March 2022 with Frontiers in Psychology. In short, they had 144 people who suffer from psychosis answer…

  • Research: Brain Activity Patterns After Trauma

    Research: Brain Activity Patterns After Trauma

    From October 2021 – The U.S. National Institutes of Health reported on a study that might demonstrate a link between post-trauma brain activity and symptoms of anxiety and PTSD. The study doesn’t directly address the long term factors that contribute to Complex PTSD. Instead the study focuses on short-term instances of trauma, single event situations.…

  • Good News on Psilocybin for Major Depression

    Good News on Psilocybin for Major Depression

    In case you haven’t there is news coming out of Johns Hopkins Medicine that is good news for sufferers of major depression.

  • New class of antidepressants?

    New class of antidepressants?

    Source C&E News February 7, 2022 How do you know if a mouse is hallucinating? Apparently mice on LSD and psilocybin twich their heads. Fascinating. But then, if I was a mouse and my world had gone all psychotropic I suspect there would be some head twitching, too. So what do tripping mice have to…

  • Science for the Win

    I kid you not. When my husband and I initially saw the article about a Japanese scientist who was researching this we were both pretty skeptical. I mean… really!? Turns out – YES! Check out the NYT article on it … Breathing Through the Rectum Saves Oxygen-Starved Mice and Pigs

  • Unpacking: COVID and ‘brain disease’

    Unpacking: COVID and ‘brain disease’

    IF anything, this study has demonstrated that mental health is interwoven with physical health. The first order is to preserve life, but we must not abandon the fundamental human need to live.

  • CPTSD: Coronavirus and Mental health

    To all my extrovert friends. I’m sorry you are suffering from this prolonged visit to my kind of world. But, in all honesty, if it were not for your discomfort. I would wish the world like this always. I like quiet. I like silence. To me, these things are good.They are safe. They are peaceful…