Category: 6Verse

  • Conformity

    curled, twistedbroke and bentpulled and pushedtorn and rentpieces droppedlimbs loppedall to shapea perfect figmentof feminineaccomplishment

  • Curl


    A curl movesin and out. Both yea and nay are capturedwithin curls.

  • Tragedy


    My brotherA nameI simply movedFromOne columnTo another.

  • The North Bird

    The North Bird

    Upon a hidden seaDreams fabled HalcyonLulled by gentle wavesHer nest fringed ’round in iceShe sings for Mid-WinterHer frosted melodySoothes the winter windCalling the sea to soft repose.

  • Another Day

    Another Day

    Another dayAnother ten roundsEven when you can’tYou don’t want To fight. Any more. No mas. No mas. Those are the daysTo fight the hardest. We fight to live.

  • Counterpoint


    Between the ideaAnd the realityBetween the motionAnd the actFalls the shadow ~TS Eliot (The Hollow Men) That space betweenA pointOf precarious balanceWhere we existBoth alive and not. ~ M.Stewart (on complex-ptsd)

  • Luminary


    MoonAncient luminaryWaxingWaningCreator of tidesMother of madnessInspiring geniusMarking the seasonsWitnessing love and death.

  • Divided


    I cannot describe how deep the wound goes. When I lost mybrother – he was only seven andI was only three. After that we shared the same house. We fought and shunned one another. Neither one awareof the poisonthat forced us apart.

  • Quiet Grace

    Quiet Grace

    Grace walks a tip toe, andis by nature a quiet soul, notinclined to boastful words. Grace speaks loudestwhere no words are found,in the embrace,in comfort given,in peace and even, yes,in defense of the vulnerable. Grace is gentle, but never mistakethat for weakness. Because it is only gracethat dares to walk the pathwhich can save us…

  • A Brief Ode to 2020

    A Brief Ode to 2020

    The one thing certainAbout all this uncertaintyIs that all our certaintyIs now certainly uncertain. And that The only thing certain Is uncertainty. That much is certainly certain.