Thinking Too Loud : CPTSD Recovery

CPTSD recovery - it is possible.

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Recovery from Complex PTSD is possible.

This space journals my path so others may see that while recovery is difficult work (and it is work) it is possible to improve our quality of life. If you are recovering, or if you know someone on the journey, I hope these images and essays can help with understanding and encourage perserverance.
You can recover.
You are worth it.

On CPTSD recovery

Fierce Independence by Anonymous
Fierce independence and self-reliance is a survival skill. We don’t see the rage or pain behind it, we don’t hear the primal screams of an abandoned child …

Complex PTSD Survivor Voices – A safe place for Complex PTSD survivors to write about their experiences. Our stories are as different as our journeys.

By Jove – I think I finally get it. - This post is probably going to sound a lot like bragging – but I promise there is a point at the end… I am challenging myself to do ‘one big thing a day’. Why? Because I stand in amazement at what an ordinary human can accomplish in a morning. For decades I have watched friends … Continue reading By Jove – I think I finally get it.


This site is not the only resource on Complex PTSD. Indeed you should look and learn as much as you can. Here are some of the resources I have used on my own journey. (Note to self – make a more complete list to share.)

Complex PTSD Foundation
Pete Walker – 12 articles on CPTSD (top of page on left)
The Trauma Research Foundation – might be a bit too much at first but if you’re a nerd like me interesting stuff.