Essays in 100 Words

100 words

I am always Thinking Too Loud. The voices that rattle around in my head aren’t known for being subtle or quiet. So here I have captured in 100 words some of the raw and cluttered thoughts that filter through, or stampede on occasion.

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You do not know my story.
Do not dare to soften my reality to fit your comfortable limited view.


An image resides in my head. I have never been able to shake it.
It is indelible.


As a child silence was my haven. I learned to be quiet, talk quiet, walk quiet

100 words


How do I explain the limits that a child places on themselves when faced with a certainty of violence?


With two words you have unmade me. All my armor is stripped away, my defenses lay at my feet.

Rising Tide

As a child my task was to conform myself to my confinement.


Just is a word used to minimize and limit. It saps verbs of their agency.


You feel it, the first tug pulling you down. What was the trigger? A word? A thought?


“You won’t get it.”
That was my father’s response when I told him I was among the finalists for the Morehead Scholarship

Before Speech

CPTSD: How do you explain a condition that can’t be seen?

The Gift

CPTSD: There are moments recovering from trauma where your mind connects two unrelated things.


That day, this day, lives in my mind.
The past echoes forward and troubles the present.

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