Unadulterated Fiction

A collection of short stories and micro-fiction. Combining life with a little imagination to produce first-class fiction.

Fiction in 100 words – or less.


“One. Two. Three.” I counted in the dark.People huddled in the crowded subway tunnel smelling of damp wool coats, black-market cigarettes, coal dust and fear. Momma held my hand squeezing it tight to calm us both. Papa was upside fighting the fires that followed the explosions of Hitler’s rockets. People shifted uncomfortably on the floor … Continue reading Underground

VSS: Sept. 19, 2019 – Cavernous

The hole in my chest is cavernous. It should be impossible for a human body to contain this much emptiness. The echoes created there ripple out between past and present, creating confusion between the then and the now. I survive with one foot nailed in the past. Note: The VSS series is an outgrowth of … Continue reading VSS: Sept. 19, 2019 – Cavernous

Fiction samples from larger works

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