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Letters home from the querying trenches by a weary writer, describing the travails of flogging a manuscript.

1914, World War 1. Highland Territorials in a trench. Photo by H.D. Girdwood via British Library


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  • In the Trenches: Question, Information Overload

    In the Trenches: Question, Information Overload

    I’ve mentioned the mountains of information you run into and create as a writer, well, which I have encountered.

    In that light it is no surprise that staying organized is essential. At the moment I still organize myself with analog methods. Yeah, I’m a dinosaur. We’ve already established that point.

    At times the system works. At other times I find myself desperately searching for that one piece of paper. You know which one I’m talking about, the one slip of paper that has that brilliant opening sentence scrawled across it. That one. The very same piece of paper that a breeze or a cat has removed and hidden under the fridge.

    Don’t worry, you’ll find it. Eventually.

    Just guaranteed not to be when you need it.

    Hence, I am always keeping one eye on the lookout for new tools to help capture information, keep it organized, and most importantly–findable. It’s no good to keep every piece of flotsam and jetsam if it clogs up the system and makes retrieving the piece you actually need impossible.

    So tell me, what is your method for keeping your sanity among all the bits and scraps of information?

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