Images About Complex PTSD

images about complex ptsd

Learning about Complex PTSD, or trying to explain it can be tough. Listed below are the images and memes I have created for sharing information about CPTSD. They are listed in no particular order. The sources of the quote and images are reported to the best of my ability. If there is no one credited the words are my own.

Most of the images used are stock photos from Pixabay. They are non-royalty and free for use in non-commercial settings. Most of the ‘big cats’ come from Planet Tiger, a wonderful conservation effort.

Please feel free to use these images without alteration in your own efforts to bring awareness to CPTSD.

Many thanks.

Note: This collection started as just one idea. Now it contains over 100 images made for helping to describe and educate about Complex-PTSD. I want to thank all my supporters for their faith in me and this project. This effort would not be possible without you.

Favorites about Complex PTSD