Poetry : the original soul food


There are moments
when the idea will
only be contained
in verse.

Haikus are available HERE.

Single candle

Pixabay / pixel2013

Bone Deep

A legacy we were not meant to carry

Pixabay / PeterH

The Bingo Factory

A game no one wants to play

Threshold - words about Complex PTSD

Pixabay / Foundry


One of the consequences of Complex PTSD…

Dark and Light with Rainbow

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His oak to my ivy. His sun to my rain.

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It isn’t all it is advertised to be.

My Brother

Pixabay / draconianimages

For my brother

Duane Robert Stewart
October 16, 1964 – January 18, 2021

poem glitterdust

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Glitter dust

Seven lines by seven syllables.

Poem Bottom

Pexels / Felipe Hueb


Have you ever hit bottom?
The view looks something like this…



My Voices

Dissociation is a form of fragmentation. It does not always result in fully formed individual personalities. Sometimes the divisions cause fracture but not separation. Like glass that is crazed with cracks.

Poem Autumn

Pixabay / PublicDomainPictures

A poetic moment

A minimal poem in praise of Autumn.

Poem A brief ode to 2020

Pexels / Paula Schmidt

A brief ode to 2020

Just like 2020, if you say it five times fast it’ll make your head spin.

Robert Frost

WikiMedia / Fred Palumbo, 1941

Two Roads – ala Robert Frost

Robert Frost’s poem “The Path Not Taken” was the starting point for this homily of recovery.

W. Shakespeare

Pixabay / GDJ

Hamlet, revised

“the play ‘s the thing. Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.” ~ Hamlet

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  1. JD Grayson posted your poem Conformity on Medium. I love it.

    I love this. I love its compactness and its imagery. The rhyming couplet in the middle made me smile, and the idea of a perfect figment is fascinating. The whole thing is lovely. Thank you.

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