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  • 100-word Essay: Off The Rails

    100-word Essay: Off The Rails

    If you want to know more about this cycle within Complex-PTSD take a gander at this post.

  • Just Don’t a new 100-word Essay: Truth

    I like to think I am relatively ‘easy going’. I’ve had folks tell me that I was a pleasure to work with. Huzzah. And I like to think that not many things send me into a point of anger. Of course, that could just be the CPTSD and the fact that I have virtually no…

  • Remembering


    That day, this day, lives in my mind. The past echoes forward and troubles the present.

  • Underground


    “One. Two. Three.” I counted in the dark.People huddled in the crowded subway tunnel smelling of damp wool coats, black-market cigarettes, coal dust and fear. Momma held my hand squeezing it tight to calm us both. Papa was upside fighting the fires that followed the explosions of Hitler’s rockets. People shifted uncomfortably on the floor…

  • Truth


    You do not know my story. Do not dare to soften my reality to fit your comfortable limited view.

  • Search


    An image resides in my head. I have never been able to shake it. It is indelible.

  • Silent


    As a child silence was my haven. I learned to be quiet, talk quiet, walk quiet

  • Small


    How do I explain the limits that a child places on themselves when faced with a certainty of violence?

  • Safe


    With two words you have unmade me. All my armor is stripped away, my defenses lay at my feet.

  • Rising Tide

    Rising Tide

    As a child my task was to conform myself to my confinement.