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  • CPTSD : Life through a straw

    CPTSD : Life through a straw

    Each and everyone of us who walks on this earth has been plopped down at the grand buffet that is life. It is an enormous seemingly endless table. On this table is every variety of taste, sight, sound, smell, experience, joy and sorrow. You are allowed to take whatever you can from the table –…

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    How do I explain the limits that a child places on themselves when faced with a certainty of violence?

  • CPTSD : The Positives We Have Learned

    CPTSD : The Positives We Have Learned

    Weird title, right? I saw a thread over on Twitter, some of you all may have seen or participated in it as well. What it was about was looking at the positive side of the traits of CPTSD that we have. I was skeptical at first. It struck me as rather ‘wishful thinking’. But, I…

  • CPTSD : Paradox #2

    CPTSD : Paradox #2

    The turmoil of having an anxious/ambivalent attachment style is in some ways worse than those these folks have in their relationship with others. The internal conflicts involving panic that a partner will leave them and fighting to contain the behaviors that ensue from that panic are horrendous. They have an inner conflict going on all…

  • Happiness: CPTSD in 100 words

    Happiness is not a word that I generally associate with my life or myself. To me life has always been about what I must do for others. What was expected out of me. What I was and wasn’t allowed to do, think or even feel. Somewhere along the timeline of my childhood happiness was put…