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  • Clinical Utility of CPTSD

    Clinical Utility of CPTSD

    An encounter with a troll drove me back to looking at the research. So I guess I owe the troll a “Thank you.”

  • In Crisis or just Tuesday?

    In Crisis or just Tuesday?

    I’m going to talk about suicide and other hard and ugly things. If this isn’t for you, please, move along. Comments will be monitored. I have spent a great deal of time recently in doctor’s offices. Nothing particularly new or alarming, just more fallout from my round with breast cancer. That is a story for […]

  • VSS: Jun. 29, 2022 – Survival

    VSS: Jun. 29, 2022 – Survival

    As a child, survival meant becoming small, silent, erasing myself or breaking off pieces. Wanting was dangerous, get rid of it. Noise was dangerous, get rid of it. Presence was dangerous, get rid of it. Until nothing was left to prove I was there.

  • Conformity

    curled, twistedbroke and bentpulled and pushedtorn and rentpieces droppedlimbs loppedall to shapea perfect figmentof feminineaccomplishment

  • Research: Brain Activity Patterns After Trauma

    Research: Brain Activity Patterns After Trauma

    From October 2021 – The U.S. National Institutes of Health reported on a study that might demonstrate a link between post-trauma brain activity and symptoms of anxiety and PTSD. The study doesn’t directly address the long term factors that contribute to Complex PTSD. Instead the study focuses on short-term instances of trauma, single event situations. […]

  • Tragedy


    My brotherA nameI simply movedFromOne columnTo another.

  • Another Day

    Another Day

    Another dayAnother ten roundsEven when you can’tYou don’t want To fight. Any more. No mas. No mas. Those are the daysTo fight the hardest. We fight to live.

  • An Analogy: the Wetsuit

    An Analogy: the Wetsuit

    People often find it difficult to explain, or to understand Complex PTSD. I often find myself falling into metaphor or analogy to explain the experience. The reason for using an abstraction is because in Complex PTSD the particulars from one person to another vary – greatly. I have found that trying to paint a detailed […]

  • New class of antidepressants?

    New class of antidepressants?

    Source C&E News February 7, 2022 How do you know if a mouse is hallucinating? Apparently mice on LSD and psilocybin twich their heads. Fascinating. But then, if I was a mouse and my world had gone all psychotropic I suspect there would be some head twitching, too. So what do tripping mice have to […]

  • Counterpoint


    Between the ideaAnd the realityBetween the motionAnd the actFalls the shadow ~TS Eliot (The Hollow Men) That space betweenA pointOf precarious balanceWhere we existBoth alive and not. ~ M.Stewart (on complex-ptsd)