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  • In Crisis or just Tuesday?

    In Crisis or just Tuesday?

    I’m going to talk about suicide and other hard and ugly things. If this isn’t for you, please, move along. Comments will be monitored. I have spent a great deal of time recently in doctor’s offices. Nothing particularly new or alarming, just more fallout from my round with breast cancer. That is a story for…

  • Good News on Psilocybin for Major Depression

    Good News on Psilocybin for Major Depression

    In case you haven’t there is news coming out of Johns Hopkins Medicine that is good news for sufferers of major depression.

  • Tragedy


    My brotherA nameI simply movedFromOne columnTo another.

  • Another Day

    Another Day

    Another dayAnother ten roundsEven when you can’tYou don’t want To fight. Any more. No mas. No mas. Those are the daysTo fight the hardest. We fight to live.

  • New class of antidepressants?

    New class of antidepressants?

    Source C&E News February 7, 2022 How do you know if a mouse is hallucinating? Apparently mice on LSD and psilocybin twich their heads. Fascinating. But then, if I was a mouse and my world had gone all psychotropic I suspect there would be some head twitching, too. So what do tripping mice have to…

  • Counterpoint


    Between the ideaAnd the realityBetween the motionAnd the actFalls the shadow ~TS Eliot (The Hollow Men) That space betweenA pointOf precarious balanceWhere we existBoth alive and not. ~ M.Stewart (on complex-ptsd)

  • Falling off the edge

    Falling off the edge

    Meanwhile, the Dr., the Pharmacy, the Insurance company are all looking at one another and telling me that I am not their problem.  Meanwhile – I’m running out of my medication. 

  • What is Complex-PTSD (CPTSD)

    What is Complex-PTSD (CPTSD)

    What is Complex-PTSD? Definition of CPTSD Complex post traumatic stress disorder is a psychological disorder that can develop in response to prolonged, repeated experience of trauma in a context where the individual has little or no chance of escape. Honestly, I can’t remember if these are my words or not. Please tell me if they…

  • Coming Alive Amidst a Pandemic.

    Coming Alive Amidst a Pandemic.

    Oh, the irony. Thirty plus years of Being various degrees of suicidal And now we have a pandemic Upending the world I want to live.

  • Midnight Writing Jan 9, 2016

    Midnight Writing Jan 9, 2016

    Some people travel through the Shadowlands and after trial and tribulation they emerge. They shake off the dark soot of so many sorrows and return to the sun. I did not travel through. I lived in the Shadowlands. I ate of the fruit and drank from bitter streams. Years have passed here and the Shadowlands…