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  • CPTSD : Action / Inaction Paradox

    CPTSD : Action / Inaction Paradox

    I have cptsd and I want to save everyone. When I read through the thoughts and questions posted here my heart breaks. I know the loneliness some of you are going through. I know that feeling of ‘not enough’. I know that place where laying down and just ending is the most appealing wish to…

  • CPTSD : This morning’s flashback.

    CPTSD : This morning’s flashback.

    A Thread #CPTSD #mentalhealth #morning First off. I’m ok. I’m wired. I’m exhausted. I’m dropping things left and right. I’m moving too fast. But all that is manageable. I’m ok. I’m and hour and a half late starting my day. so #fml. But even that is manageable. Thread /1 This is the morning after a…