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  • Conformity

    curled, twistedbroke and bentpulled and pushedtorn and rentpieces droppedlimbs loppedall to shapea perfect figmentof feminineaccomplishment

  • Tragedy


    My brotherA nameI simply movedFromOne columnTo another.

  • An Analogy: the Wetsuit

    An Analogy: the Wetsuit

    People often find it difficult to explain, or to understand Complex PTSD. I often find myself falling into metaphor or analogy to explain the experience. The reason for using an abstraction is because in Complex PTSD the particulars from one person to another vary – greatly. I have found that trying to paint a detailed…

  • Divided


    I cannot describe how deep the wound goes. When I lost mybrother – he was only seven andI was only three. After that we shared the same house. We fought and shunned one another. Neither one awareof the poisonthat forced us apart.

  • For my brother

    For my brother

    Duane Robert Stewart October 16, 1964 – January 18, 2021 My brother died today and I wept for him, for us. For all the warm words we never exchanged, For all the jealousy we held for each other, For all the times pain was our only contact, For the words of hurt, For the thefts,…

  • Thanksgiving rewritten and CPTSD

    Thanksgiving rewritten and CPTSD

    As many of my readers will know, Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. Putting my family together with the expectations of a celebration to rival the covers of the Saturday Evening Post never worked out well. It was more like a production of The Crucible. For many years, and I know I’m not alone in…

  • The Perfect Nerd Date

    The Perfect Nerd Date

    Perfect “nerd date” with hubs last night.Alexa – open internet. Find “Pathfinder 2e character elf”“OK.”And – it worked.So hubs and I spent the night reading through the changes from Pathfinder 1e to 2e cuddled together on the couch.Like I said.Perfect nerd date.

  • NaNoWriMo 2020 – Out of Darkness

    NaNoWriMo 2020 – Out of Darkness

    Yes, the “Holiday Season” is difficult for me. It has been for almost forty-plus years. In that time I have tried many different approaches to managing the time of the year between November 1 and January 3. I’ve tried sun-lamps, vacations, visiting my husband’s family, going nowhere, shunning parties, and straight up hiding. As you…

  • It’s the Hap, Happiest Time… No. Pass.

    It’s the Hap, Happiest Time… No. Pass.

    You’ve seen it most likely. It makes the rounds every year, starting about now-ish. That question that floats around the internet about the movie that most represents your family Christmas. People usually don’t understand why I pick “The Lion in Winter.” Go, give it a watch if you have never seen it. The Burton/Hepburn version…

  • A short story about beer

    A short story about beer

    It is a typical summer evening around the house. The cicadas are humming in the trees, the occasional addition of frog song chimes in.