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  • A Brief Ode to 2020

    A Brief Ode to 2020

    The one thing certainAbout all this uncertaintyIs that all our certaintyIs now certainly uncertain. And that The only thing certain Is uncertainty. That much is certainly certain.

  • Science for the Win

    I kid you not. When my husband and I initially saw the article about a Japanese scientist who was researching this we were both pretty skeptical. I mean… really!? Turns out – YES! Check out the NYT article on it … Breathing Through the Rectum Saves Oxygen-Starved Mice and Pigs

  • The Perfect Nerd Date

    The Perfect Nerd Date

    Perfect “nerd date” with hubs last night.Alexa – open internet. Find “Pathfinder 2e character elf”“OK.”And – it worked.So hubs and I spent the night reading through the changes from Pathfinder 1e to 2e cuddled together on the couch.Like I said.Perfect nerd date.

  • A short story about beer

    A short story about beer

    It is a typical summer evening around the house. The cicadas are humming in the trees, the occasional addition of frog song chimes in.