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  • CPTSD : Life through a straw

    CPTSD : Life through a straw

    Each and everyone of us who walks on this earth has been plopped down at the grand buffet that is life. It is an enormous seemingly endless table. On this table is every variety of taste, sight, sound, smell, experience, joy and sorrow. You are allowed to take whatever you can from the table –…

  • Coming Alive Amidst a Pandemic.

    Coming Alive Amidst a Pandemic.

    Oh, the irony. Thirty plus years of Being various degrees of suicidal And now we have a pandemic Upending the world I want to live.

  • CPTSD : The Positives We Have Learned

    CPTSD : The Positives We Have Learned

    Weird title, right? I saw a thread over on Twitter, some of you all may have seen or participated in it as well. What it was about was looking at the positive side of the traits of CPTSD that we have. I was skeptical at first. It struck me as rather ‘wishful thinking’. But, I…

  • CPTSD: Coronavirus and Mental health

    To all my extrovert friends. I’m sorry you are suffering from this prolonged visit to my kind of world. But, in all honesty, if it were not for your discomfort. I would wish the world like this always. I like quiet. I like silence. To me, these things are good.They are safe. They are peaceful…

  • CPTSD : Rescue / Safety Paradox

    CPTSD : Rescue / Safety Paradox

    My earliest fantasies were of a man, a Prince, who would rescue me. In my dreaming, I was always asleep, or sick, or injured before this magical person arrived. Their presence rewrote me. With them, I was well. With them I was alive. I physically ached for that person. The hole in my chest remained…