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  • Images for Complex PTSD inspiration

    Images for Complex PTSD inspiration

    Listed below are memes I have created on aspects of complex-PTSD. I composed these images to help in sharing information about CPTSD. They are listed in no particular order. I have included with them the source of the image, as best I can. All images I have used from Pixabay are non-royalty and free for…

  • Images for Complex PTSD Education

    The photos are from Pixabay. They are non-royalty and free for use in non-commercial settings. Please feel free to use these images without alteration in your own efforts to bring awareness to CPTSD. Many thanks.Mari

  • 100-word Essay: Off The Rails

    100-word Essay: Off The Rails

    If you want to know more about this cycle within Complex-PTSD take a gander at this post.

  • Scattered

    Just a quick dive by to say – “No, I haven’t shuffled off this mortal coil.” Nor have I shuffled off to Buffalo. My brain is so scattered today. I opened the computer to post this – and ended up ordering 400 page dividers. If you can figure that out… tell me. Please. That was…

  • VSS: FEB. 2, 2021 – Danger

    VSS: FEB. 2, 2021 – Danger

    I will never be alone. I forever carry my mother’s voice with me. In my head the word ‘danger’ echoes, inescapable. Stairs, danger. Eating, danger. Ice, danger. People, danger. That word, her fear, is her legacy to me.

  • VSS: Oct. 27, 2020 – Organ

    VSS: Oct. 27, 2020 – Organ

    What a fascinating organ, the human heart. It can be warm and tender, a wellspring of passion, a font of grace. That same lump of tissue, mistreated and abused, can still survive by becoming hard, cold and impenetrable.

  • Just Don’t a new 100-word Essay: Truth

    I like to think I am relatively ‘easy going’. I’ve had folks tell me that I was a pleasure to work with. Huzzah. And I like to think that not many things send me into a point of anger. Of course, that could just be the CPTSD and the fact that I have virtually no…

  • It’s the Hap, Happiest Time… No. Pass.

    It’s the Hap, Happiest Time… No. Pass.

    You’ve seen it most likely. It makes the rounds every year, starting about now-ish. That question that floats around the internet about the movie that most represents your family Christmas. People usually don’t understand why I pick “The Lion in Winter.” Go, give it a watch if you have never seen it. The Burton/Hepburn version…

  • No, I’m not Procrastinating

    No, I’m not Procrastinating

    Or maybe I am. This is a common saying around my desk. It’s a riff on Hemingway’s famous quote Write drunk, edit sober. E. Hemingway

  • Why Bother?

    We often ask ourselves ‘Why Bother?’ as we are healing. We ask it when we are hurting, or when the amount of work seems too much, or in those moments when we feel we are not ‘enough’ of what we want to be. In those moments, remember, you are a light. You may not feel…