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  • Too Good to be True?

    Too Good to be True?

    This morning started over at the Writer Beware Blog where I saw this post: America’s Next Great Author: The Author Reality Show Idea Rides Again. If you saw the advertising for the show, or even if you didn’t, give the blog post a read. I found the break-down of the contract helpful. The deadline for […]

  • The Beginning Writer: ah, humility

    The Beginning Writer: ah, humility

    I am here at my desk taking big calming breaths as I look at a mountain. A figurative mountain, but still it is impressive and daunting in its size for a beginning writer. I have to climb it. It’s not a question of do I want to or do I not. It is a necessity. […]

  • In the can

    CPTSD is a strange thing to grow up with. Even stranger to live with it. For Example: My latest InstagramPost- There it is the manuscript for Book 4 in the Unhomed series. Still debating titles. I do like to stick with one word – but this particular word is proving elusive.Despite that this manuscript will […]

  • No, I’m not Procrastinating

    No, I’m not Procrastinating

    Or maybe I am. This is a common saying around my desk. It’s a riff on Hemingway’s famous quote Write drunk, edit sober. E. Hemingway

  • Super-secret project

    Super-secret project

    For a long time, the joke around the house was that I was the professional writer. This was based on the fact that I have earned a total of 47 cents with my writing. You might notice I vanished for a few weeks there. I was working on a super-secret ghostwriting project. Bwahaha. I have […]

  • Writing in the dark

    Writing in the dark

    I’m just playing with things today.  Mostly I’m wrestling with myself.  So far, I’m not winning.  It’s one of those epic battles that never seems to resolve itself. And yes Adam, before you ask, it did involve beer, the Underworld and a sword.   I had a thought today that with our new information-age lives […]

  • Decided to Play

    Decided to Play

    When it rains it pours. Bother.   Yesterday I heard from two friends about two great writing competitions.  One in DC for plays, one on-line with Gulf Coast.  Both have Aug 31 deadlines, or near enough as makes no difference.  So, I have to make a decision.    I should warn you, I’m bad at […]