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  • Nailed in the past… a paradox

    Nailed in the past… a paradox

    This is one of those things that when I think about my Complex-PTSD should have been obvious. How I missed it for so long really confounds me. I often talk about the paradoxes that arise in C-PTSD. Here I have stumbled into another one. It goes something like this. Huh. I just realized how weird…

  • CPTSD Paradox #3 : joy and fear

    CPTSD Paradox #3 : joy and fear

    Yesterday was a remarkable day. So many people felt as if they were coming up for air after fighting to breathe for years. The announcement of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being elected as the next president and vice-president of the United States was literally celebrated around the world. All the aspects of life that…

  • CPTSD Paradox #1

    CPTSD Paradox #1

    Since they never develop a sense of safety, they distrust others while simultaneously searching for a “rescuer” who can finally give them the unconditional positive regard they were robbed of in childhood. ~National Center for PTSD

  • CPTSD : Paradox #2

    CPTSD : Paradox #2

    The turmoil of having an anxious/ambivalent attachment style is in some ways worse than those these folks have in their relationship with others. The internal conflicts involving panic that a partner will leave them and fighting to contain the behaviors that ensue from that panic are horrendous. They have an inner conflict going on all…

  • CPTSD : Rescue / Safety Paradox

    CPTSD : Rescue / Safety Paradox

    My earliest fantasies were of a man, a Prince, who would rescue me. In my dreaming, I was always asleep, or sick, or injured before this magical person arrived. Their presence rewrote me. With them, I was well. With them I was alive. I physically ached for that person. The hole in my chest remained…