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  • The Power of the Eight

    The Power of the Eight

    The Power of the Eight by Suzanne Rho is one of those books that improves after the fact. If that sounds like I am damning it with faint praise – hold on – I’m not. As I initially read the story I found it enjoyable. It’s the kind of read I like to take along […]

  • Ta Le – Book 1: Knowledge

    Ta Le – Book 1: Knowledge

    I picked up the novel of Yessoh G.D. entitled “Ta Le” because I wanted to experience a culture that was not my own. I find myself torn about leaving this review because my background is not African and I’m wondering if I am missing something, or if I’m taking something for granted that is not […]

  • Dark Apprentice

    Dark Apprentice

    Wow, I really dislike Nikolai Fedorov. I know this guy. He is the guy who smirks when they think you can’t see. He is the guy convinced of their own superiority. From the first page to the last Nikolai, the main character, is both protagonist and antagonist in his own story. He undoes himself at […]

  • Steady


    Steady: A Guide to Better Mental Health Through and Beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic by Dr. Sarb Johal is one of those books I wish everyone would read. 80% of the people around the globe would find some idea or thought within these pages that would help explain the currently fluid world we find ourselves within. […]

  • Oathbreaker


    If I was still giving my one line book reviews I would say Oathbreaker, the premier novel by author A.J. Rettger, was “Brain Popcorn.” I might even go with “Dark Brain Popcorn.” Oh, for simpler days.  I picked up Oathbreaker because that is exactly what I thought the story would be, light, fluffy not much […]

  • Ground Control

    Ground Control

    I could not have been more wrong. While the plot does follow the basic tenets of Sci-fi and space colonization it is far more a story about inner space than outer space. 

  • Wild Things Will Roam

    Wild Things Will Roam

    Wild Things Will Roam, the debut novel by K.M. West, is a post-apocalyptic gore fest with a soul. The surprises don’t stop there.

  • The Accounting: A Trump Presidency

    The Accounting: A Trump Presidency

    A couple of weeks ago (maybe more) I promised to do a follow-up to my series of articles that I wrote in early November of 2016. And then life happened. But, I am getting to it, right now in fact. Here is a list of the original articles if you want to refresh your memory. […]