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Book Review: Dark Apprentice

Wow, I really dislike Nikolai Fedorov. I know this guy. He is the guy who smirks when they think you can’t see. He is the guy convinced of their own superiority. From the first page to the last Nikolai, the main character, is both protagonist and antagonist in his own … Continue reading Book Review: Dark Apprentice

Book Review: Steady

Steady: A Guide to Better Mental Health Through and Beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic by Dr. Sarb Johal is one of those books I wish everyone would read. 80% of the people around the globe would find some idea or thought within these pages that would help explain the currently fluid … Continue reading Book Review: Steady

light blue one use medical protective masks

Unpacking: COVID and ‘brain disease’

IF anything, this study has demonstrated that mental health is interwoven with physical health. The first order is to preserve life, but we must not abandon the fundamental human need to live.

Poem: Glitter dust

Seven lines by seven syllables.

Very Short Story : Dangerous

I will never be alone. I forevercarry my mother’s voice with me.In my head the word ‘danger’echoes, inescapable.Stairs, danger. Eating, danger.Ice, danger. People, danger.That word, her fear isher legacy to me. Feb. 2, 2021 Note: The VSS series is an outgrowth of writing prompts for Twitter. The goal is to produce … Continue reading Very Short Story : Dangerous

Book Review: Ground Control

From reading the blurbs about the story I thought I was in for a straight-forward girl meets guy, gets on a shuttle to Mars, all heck breaks loose, struggle until a happy ending. I could not have been more wrong. While the plot does follow the basic tenets of Sci-fi … Continue reading Book Review: Ground Control

Very Short Story : Organ

What a fascinating organ, thehuman heart. It can be warm andtender, a wellspring of passion,a font of grace. That same lumpof tissue, mistreated and abused,can still survive by becominghard, cold and impenetrable. Oct. 27, 2020 Note:┬áThe VSS series is an outgrowth of writing prompts for Twitter. The goal is to … Continue reading Very Short Story : Organ

Book Review: Wild Things Will Roam

Wild Things Will Roam, the debut novel by K.M. West, is a post-apocalyptic gore fest with a soul. The surprises don’t stop there.

A brief ode to 2020

Just like 2020, if you say it five times fast it’ll make your head spin.

My Voices

Dissociation is a form of fragmentation. It does not always result in fully formed individual personalities. Sometimes the divisions cause fracture but not separation. Like glass that is crazed with cracks.

Two Roads – ala Robert Frost

Robert Frost’s poem “The Path Not Taken” was the starting point for this homily of recovery.

Off the rails : CPTSD Cycle

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a bitch. I was trying for something more academic sounding, but let’s face it, I’m not on that plane today. Nope, today is one of those days where I’m just trying to figure out where I put my sh*t. Or, more accurately, where I … Continue reading Off the rails : CPTSD Cycle


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